#It is very simple to grow boletus at home. With minimal maintenance, you can get a pretty good harvest. And for this you need to properly prepare the planting material and follow the simple recommendations after sowing. Learn how to breed boletus mushrooms in your summer cottage.

Features, time and place of fruiting in nature

Under natural conditions, boletus can be found in almost every deciduous and deciduous-coniferous forests. And also mushrooms grow on the edges, in young shoots of aspen. The most favorite places are the edges of clear forests and the outskirts of ravines. Boletus boletus prefer lime soils.

You can pick mushrooms throughout the summer, from the end of May until the fall. Common boletus grows in the forest until the first autumn frosts. These mushrooms ripen together with porcini.


Planting material

It is important to calculate the correct amount of mycelium before planting. It can be bought ready-made, but only in one sachet its quantity will be only 60 ml.

You can make boletus mycelium for growing mushrooms yourself. Without mycelium, the boletus mycelium cannot appear, and spores (seeds) are used for its preparation. The following are used as a nutrient medium:

  • Carrot agar. Consists of 600 ml of water, 400 ml of carrot extract and 15 g of agar. The acidity is 6 pH.
  • Oat agar. It contains 970 ml of water, 30 g of oatmeal and 15 g of agar. Boil for about 1 hour before mixing, and then filter with a special filter mesh.
  • Wort agar. It is necessary to use 1 liter of beer wort with Balling values ​​of 7-8 degrees and agar in the amount of 20 g. Put the resulting mixture on fire until it dissolves, and then pour the wort into hotel containers, sterilize under pressure of 1.5 atmospheres. To grow mushrooms, mycelium with spores must be added to agar, which will serve as a material for reproduction.
  • Growing at home for beginners

    Experts say that it is possible to grow boletus mushrooms, as well as to cultivate them, in the open ground in a personal plot, in a vegetable garden and in a pot. Even a novice mushroom grower can cope with this.

    In pots on the windowsill

    Growing boletus is as follows:#

  • Collect mushrooms in the forest. This is a very crucial stage, since it is important to select the best fruiting bodies. Enough 2-3 large fungi. It is worth choosing specimens with a large and juicy cap, in which there will be a lot of spores for reproduction.
  • Next, the collected mushrooms must be thoroughly washed and chopped with a meat grinder. In this case, you need a hat in which there are disputes.
  • Now you can start preparing the seed mixture. For these purposes, water and yeast are suitable (for 2-3 mushrooms, 50 g of yeast and 4 liters of water are required).
  • Take a small container and soak the chopped mushrooms in it. Water must be rainwater or from a well. Purchased products are not suitable. Then add the tremors and mix everything well. Place the container in a warm place for 1-2 weeks.
  • After 14 days, the resulting mixture must be thoroughly mixed. Enough 200 liters of the product, diluted in 2 liters of water.
  • For mushrooms to grow, they need symbiosis (a strong bond with other crops). So you need to plant them in a pot at home with indoor plants. It is best to use a lily for this purpose, although you can experiment with other crops.
  • For sowing mushrooms, it is necessary to water the indoor plants with the prepared solution. This must be done carefully so that as many active spores as possible penetrate into the soil, from which the mycelium will begin to develop.
  • After the sowing has been completed, you need to expect the result.

    Things to know (Q&A)

    Can you cultivate Boletus?

    According to the semi- artificial cultivation method for boletus edulis and other edible mycorrhiza fungi, by using the container inoculation method, the semi-artificial cultivation of the boletus edulis and other edible mycorrhiza fungi can be rapidly achieved and industrialization of the same can also be achieved ...

    Where does Boletus grow?

    Boletus edulis grows on soil beneath trees, notably beech and birch, and less commonly oaks as well as pines, spruces and occasionally other conifers. In southern Europe this species is found in scrubland domonated by Cistus ladanifer and other rock rose species.

    What trees do boletes grow under?

    Host trees include various species of pine , the European silver fir and European spruce, as well as deciduous trees such as chestnut trees, oak and beech. The fungus produces spore-bearing fruit bodies above ground in summer and autumn.

    Can you eat raw Boletus?

    The best boletes are small and firm. The choicest specimens can be served raw, thinly sliced with lemon juice and oil . However, there are a variety of cooking methods to best showcase the meaty flavor of boletes.