Knitted cat

I offer a detailed master class on knitting a cat. The master class is easy to create, suitable for beginner knitters and does not take much time. The cat is completely knitted with garter stitching.

To knit this cat, I used yarn from my old stocks. This is Kamtex Moher Gold yarn. Yarn composition: mohair - 60%, cotton - 20%, acrylic - 20%, 50g, 250m.
Knitting needles number 3.

The yarn is thin enough, so I knitted in two strands.


You can replace it with yarn from the Turkish manufacturer Alize Kid Royal or Alize Mohair Classic new.

The cat is completely knitted with garter stitching.

Inkedoriginalnyj_sharf_vyazanyj_spitcami_ shawl-knit_LI

We need three parts: a square 15x15 cm, a rectangle (half of our square) 15x7.5 cm, a small rectangle 7x2.5 cm.


Build a cat

Fold a large square diagonally. Mark the middle with pins and sew the corners indicated by the arrows.


It should look like this.


We also do with the two remaining corners. These will be the paws of our cat. In the middle we leave a small hole in order to unscrew the part.

We turn the part out to the front side.

We fill with holofiber and sew up the hole.


So that the legs do not stick out, we press them together and sew the abdomen.

We make the head of the cat from a rectangle 15x7.5. Fold it in half and sew the two sides. We turn out the part.


In order to make the ears, separate the triangles at the top and sew them with a dotted seam. We tighten the thread slightly. These will be the ears of the cat.


We stuff the head and stitch it over the edge, pull the thread.


Sew on the eyes and make a tightening.

We insert a needle with a thread of the same color as our cat into the hole in the head and output it at point 1, retreat to the left and insert it at point 2, output it into the hole in the head, tighten the thread. We do the same with the other eyes, draw the needle to point 3, step back to the left and insert it to point 4. Draw it into the hole in the head, tighten the thread and fix it.

We embroider the nose (you can sew on a ready-made plastic nose). We make a mustache from fishing line or wire.

We make the tail from a small rectangle. Fold the part in half and sew along the length over the edge, slightly tighten the thread and fasten it.

Sew the head and tail to the body.

The kitty is ready!