Bargello is an old style of Florentine embroidery that allows you to create beautiful fiery designs. This technique is used to embroider volumetric colorful patterns and ornaments. And the resulting figures will have not only a sharp shape, but also smoothed, more rounded outlines.

In the 21st century, this amazing technique is used only when working with patchwork or knitting. But it is worth remembering that Bargello originated in Italy, and it was in this country that it gained great popularity. During the Renaissance, court ladies loved and admired colorful fabrics decorated with similar embroidery. Ladies began to decorate their interior items with such patterns. And now our homes are adorned with this Florentine embroidery technique.

florentine embroidery

Bargello is very easy to confuse with satin stitch. But the main difference between Italian embroidery is the repetition of one element and the small size of the stitches. This is what allows much wider use of various shapes and colors. And the most interesting thing is that the fiery and attractive pattern can be done on absolutely any soft material.

The finished products have a unique appearance due to the peculiarities of this embroidery method. The classic bargello technique consists of uniform stitches of the same length. The Italian embroidery method has gradually developed, and at the moment has undergone some changes due to the new needs of the craftswomen.

bargello embroidery pillow

With the help of this type of embroidery, colorful panels and various decorative accessories for the home are created. They can be a cape, napkin, pocket and various accessories. Bargello embroidery looks very beautiful on the surfaces of wallets, bags or dresses.

What do you need for embroidery?

If a needlewoman sees this beautiful type of embroidery at least once, she will certainly want to repeat it. And in order to start the creative process without any difficulties, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • A base for embroidery with a uniform canvas;
  • Needles with a blunt tip and a wide eye;
  • Bulky threads of bright colors;
  • Standard scissors and special small ones for embroidery;
  • Embroidery hoop.

Italian bargello embroidery is a very bright technique. And before performing elements of this type, it is recommended to carefully select the necessary materials. During the creative process, fluffy and fluffy threads should be used. This structure ensures that your work looks soft and crammed. To avoid unnecessary rigidity, the layer of threads should be proportional to the size of the cells on the tissue.

embroidery bargello

This method allows you to create an image that will cover all the base material. As a result, we get an unusual and lush pattern. First you need to choose a special scheme according to which the work will be carried out. It is best to start with the simplest motives that will help you master the technology of their creation perfectly.

The special stitching method forms the pattern and forms the basis of the bargello. The embroidery process is carried out with an inclination to one side: from left to right, if you want a repeating pattern or branch it to the sides. Novice needlewomen are advised to apply markings to the material in order to better determine the direction of the drawing.

Varieties of stitches

  • A classic stitch that captures 4 vertical threads of the base material at once. To superimpose the next stitch, the needlewomen are shifted to the side by one thread of the base. The stitches are offset vertically by 2 threads. This is the main type of stitch, thanks to which the two parts of the product are exactly the same.

bargello stitch

  • A square is a horizontal stitch that makes the work turn over easily.

bargello square

  • Inclined stitches or herringbone. In order to get these stitches, you need to cross the threads at the base at an angle. The stitches will be mirrored to each other. If you make a more obtuse angle, then the Christmas tree will turn out to be much larger. Thanks to this embroidery technique, embossed work is obtained.

bargello stitch

Basic patterns

Italian (Florentine) embroidery is obtained from basic motifs. With the help of schemes, needlewomen form patterns with pointed edges. It is these stitches that allow us to embroider zippers and zigzags. To complete such a pattern, you should make stitches across the width.

Bargello differs from other methods of embroidery in the brightness of its products. To sew the second row and apply a different color, raise or lower the stitches one or two threads from the first. The technique allows the needlewoman to show her imagination and diversify the desired ornament. You can always step back from the scheme, move the pattern and add new shades.

bargello's circuit

Mirror zigzags called "carnation" are one of the most popular stitches. The final product is decorated with stripes with acute-angled rhombuses. It is best to embroider such a pattern in one color throughout the entire length, and then introduce a new shade. This will allow the needlewoman to make a smooth color transition.

It is believed that arches are a more complex scheme. With this embroidery method, the stitches are aligned towards each other. And in the process of making an ornament, the craftswoman will always be helped by a scheme with the possibility of transferring it to the base. To embroider a narrow arch, go back to the same point twice. But be sure to consider lifting stitches. A wide arch will be obtained as a result of repeating some stitches at the same height, and after that they are raised by two or three threads.

This technique is often compared to a flame of fire. And a patterned pattern in the form of this natural phenomenon is the most popular type of stitch. To get started, you need to practice doing simpler techniques. And after you get hands-on experience, you can easily create this type of ornament. The flame is an open arch, the largest of which closes with a smaller one at the bottom. To create beautiful overflows, you need to choose the shades correctly.

arches seam bargello

The scales are made in the likeness of a flame, but with more refined motives. First, you should choose the main color and embroider the first outline. Often this pattern looks like a square or diamond with rounded edges. Do not forget about the overflows that create a convex ornament. This kind of embroidery looks very impressive and interesting.

bargello scales

The kaleidoscope is embroidered on the basis of a square filled with a repeating pattern with flips. The very first row of threads is made in the form of two oblique lines of the same color. And then we repeat the pattern, flipping it over and adding a new shade. Such a drawing will be too difficult for beginner needlewomen to complete. First, try to embroider light patterns, and then proceed with the kaleidoscope.

The Italian bargello technique allows you to embroider very beautiful ornaments that arouse interest and admiration at first sight. Many needlewomen are delighted with this technology. They create not only napkins or pillows, but also phone cases, toys, business card holders and much more. After all, you can embroider on any material with a soft structure. Despite the fact that during embroidery the needlewoman spends a lot of time and effort on her work, the result is definitely worth the effort. By the way, the needlewoman herself can create her own unique pattern, it all depends on your imagination.

Don't be afraid to try your hand at bargello. After all, the result is definitely worth the effort and patience. First, try repeating a simple pattern, and then move on to more complex patterns. Your embroidery will adorn any pillow or blouse. To master the Florentine technology, you should choose the right colors and choose an interesting pattern. And then proceed to your favorite type of creativity.

Things to know (Q&A)

What is Bargello embroidery?

Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery consisting of upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. The name originates from a series of chairs found in the Bargello palace in Florence, which have a "flame stitch" pattern.

What is Florentine embroidery?

Florentine work is a type of counted thread embroidery consisting of a series of straight stitches laid out in a specific, geometrical pattern to produce one or more motifs . It should be noted that the term Florentine work can refer to both the embroidery technique and the finished appearance of the work.

What is Canvaswork embroidery?

Canvaswork is a counted-thread embroidery where the thread is stitched on canvas or another sturdy fabric. ... Their stitching turned a piece of canvas into a sturdier fabric for upholstery. This type of stitching became popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.

What is a Bargello quilt?

What Is Bargello Quilting ? By definition, a bargello quilt is one made of strips of fabric sewn together to create the appearance of movement. These patterns look complicated, but they're actually a fine fit for beginning quilters. 6